Moore Lending Group


John (Moore) is the consummate sales / entrepreneurial professional. He has a true eye for opportunity and capitalizes on whatever he chooses with grace and a true interest in the human aspect of his co-workers and subordinates. His business acumen and opinions are highly regarded by those who surround him and senior management. I consider him a valued business partner in all ventures that we have been associated with and a true friend.

Kevin O.

Tom (Paxson) is a competent professional, on top of what needs to get done. He and his team worked very hard on my behalf to get the ball across the goal line!! Extremely satisfied!

Ellen B.

When I decided to buy my second home, I knew I had to choose a knowable loan officer. I couldn’t choose any better than Jay (Jaramillo). After a friend referred him, he did an amazing job completing my loan. After so many issues in the process, Jay with his experience and knowledge, was critical to make sure we closed on time. He is very professional and great communicator. I will recommend Jay to any friend.

Victor M.

We have purchased several homes in the past, but this process was the smoothest and quickest ever! Tyler (Moore) and his team were awesome! They communicated with me almost daily and explained everything so that there were NO surprises. They worked, worked, and worked for us. They are the best in South Florida.

Sherry E.